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GuildFTPd FTP Server is a very useful File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server application that enables Server administrator to set up and create Groups and Users. An intuitive user interface allows the administrator to trace and control the Server activity. The Connection Graph shows a visual display of the Server activity, to determine highest and lowest activity, as well as to detect possible overloads. The Past Connections tab offers a list of all the users who have connected to the Server, including the TCP/IP port of every connection, user or Host Name, TCP/IP address and the length in time of the connection. The application, among other features, offers the possibility of 'spying' logged users to see what they are currently doing over the Server. Downloads and uploads are automatically shown on the Server user interface, including TCP/IP address and port, computer name, as well as the proper user name. Commands and messages being executed are also displayed, so any repetitive error that a user could be making should be detected and corrected, or it will help to identify a possible problem. If a user is doing something considered illegal, the Server administrator can 'fire out' and disconnect him(her). The application keeps a list of banned user IP addresses, to deny permissions on further uploads attempts, as well as a list of the successful up and downloads.

Systems: Windows

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